UC Berkeley
Fall 2017


assignment 1

A1: Sketch a Berkeley Highlight

due: before class on Monday, August 28
value: 2 points

I’m not familiar with the Berkeley campus, and would like you to introduce me to the interesting places to check out. Pick a place that you think I should know about (especially something new within the last 10 years), and make a sketch that captures the essence of it. Essence=what makes it interesting. Is it the people? The activity that occurs? Is it the environment? It should be something you can convey visually. DO NOT LABEL THE SKETCH! Part of the fun is being able to guess what it is (which rules out the Campanile; I know about that already). Hints: Do the Rapid Viz reading beforehand. It probably will take more than one try before getting something you’re satisfied with. User your sketchbook! Submit by scanning in a page(s) from your sketchbook


  • Up to 3 sketches of the highlight (only 1 is required, up to 3 is allowed to keep the volume manageable)
  • Make sure name and Berkeley SID is on each sketch
  • On a separate sheet, submit your name, Berkeley SID, a recent picture to help us get to know you, and name the highlight site that you sketched

Please submit via this Google form.

  • Best: PDF scan (digital scanner)
  • OK: Google PhotoScan
  • OK: Camera phone photo

Grading: Not on quality per se, but on applying concepts from class and Rapid Viz reading. You can get full credit even if doesn’t look pretty. This is a bit of an introduction to qualitative grading.


  • 0 – nothing handed in
  • 1 – submitted sketch(es) don’t demonstrate techniques taught in class or the reading
  • 2 – Sketch(es) use techniques taught in class or the reading to convey the space